Best Tag Heuer Watches: How To Choose The Right One

Tag Heuer watches are some of the best sports watches that you can find in this world. Given their 150 years of experience in creating timepieces and their legacy in the various high profile sporting circuits, there is very little doubt about their ability to satisfy even the most demanding people.

tag heuer watch

Seeing that the company has a presence through multiple sports like Formula One racing and Golf – it is easy to understand that there’s a wide variation in the different designs that you get to see in Tag Heuer watches. So choosing the right one for yourself or for someone else really starts with the person who is going to be wearing this watch.

If that person is looking for specific functions in a watch that are going to help during training sessions or during actual sporting activities, it is easy to just look for the model that has all of those features and choose that. But when it is more generally spread out, it begins by understanding what kind of a lifestyle statement that person is trying to make.

If this person is really in to automobiles and sporting events like Formula One racing, the Formula 1 model will be a really good choice. But if that person is interested in aquatic sports that involve powered vehicles, the Aquaracer series might be more appropriate.

For the classy look that also has industrial touches with special features, there are models like the Carrera and the Monaco. As you can understand from the names, these are models that have been inspired by these really famous automobile related entities. And the common thing about models like these is that they are all based on the sophisticated outlook that the people connected to these entities have. It is not about the sheer engineering prowess that gets more highlights in some of the other models.

However, when it comes to being really classy, there are the watches inspired by Golf. It’s a sport for the rich and the famous and these watches maintain these ideas to build up an image that is rich and elegant.

And all of these points are equally valid for watches for both men and women. There are several Tag Heuer watches for women to choose from and they range from the really ornate and decorative to the really serious and power-oriented designs.

Women’s watches from Tag Heuer tend to look very different from their counterparts for men but without sacrificing the original design philosophies behind each series. So golf inspired watches remain elegant and fashionable while Formula One and racing inspired watches lean more towards the industrial/engineering slants in design.

At the end of it all, it boils down to which side of your sporting spirit you want to show and how much. Also important is the kind of situations where you will be wearing the watch – indoors, outdoors, while participating, etc. Once you have decided on all these, you will have the sporty Tag Heuer watch that is just right for you.

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